The director of the Agricultural Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Research Centre (APGRC) has made a visit on 10 March 2020 to the Field Genebank of the Date Palm in Hudeiba Research Station. This visit was part of the regular visits being made on annual basis for follow up of the activities and conditions of the FGD, which was established since 2015. The FGD contains a number of plantings of a number of date palm accessions representing different local cultivars that were collected from different sites in Northern and River Nile states.  During this visit it was observed that growth and conditions of different plants were varying between excellent, good and poor, including some accessions and plants that might be completely lost.  This variation has been attributed to the variation in the collection dates and sizes of off-shoots when collected, or might be in some cases due to poor field management or other problems in the field.  However, it has been noted clearly that most of the date palm plants, which were collected in 2015 from Merowe locality in the Northern state have grown quite well, with some of them started to produce lateral off-shoots and flowers. The director of Hudeiba Research Station, Dr. Alaa-Eldin Mohamed Elhassan, and the curator of FDG, Mr. Barakat Ali Abdelfarag, have generously received and accompanied the director of the APGRC in this visit.